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Cast Out Demons


This is another gift of the Spirit, not in the list of St. Paul, but in the promise of Jesus Himself, and it is for every Christian: "This signs will accompany those who believe: In my name will cast out demons" (Mk.16:17)…. it is the first of the five signs that accompany all Christians, "those who believe in Jesus"!, even the humble one who doesn't know how to read, that's what Jesus says.

Jesus cast out many demons, an every time He send out his disciples to preach the Gospel, he gave them the power to cast out demons, "Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out unclean spirits" (Mt.10:1, Lk.9:1), and "the 72 disciples came back jubilant, saying: In your name, Lord, even the demons submit to us" (Lk.10:17).

Any Christian has the power to drive out the demons of envy and pride and jealousy, and the demons of alcohol and drugs and homosexuality… and when you meet a heretic, don't waste much time arguing with him, just drive out the devil of heresy from him, in the name of Jesus, and you will see wonders!.

Jesus is a million times more powerful than all the devils together, and a Christian, and most specially a priest or a nun, have more power in the name of Jesus that all witches put together, and the main problem is that most Christians don't use their authority! Use it! in the name of Jesus!, for the glory of the Father, for our own good, and for the good of the Church.

There are three kinds of demonic influence:

  1. Temptation: For everybody, including Jesus when he was fasting and praying for 40 days!… you and your friends will also be tempted, specially when you pray and fast long, like Jesus. (Mt.4).

  2. Obsession, compulsion, oppression They are very frequent, causing the impulse to masturbation, stealing, lying, hitting the relatives, homosexuality, alcohol, drugs, irrational compulsions, depressions… Here the person may have an irresistible impulse to perform something he well knows it is wrong or irrational, or an anxious and inescapable preoccupation with an idea or emotion that he realizes it is not right… in contrast with the demonic possession, here the person can exercise volition, he is capable of voluntary actions, and he realizes he is doing something bad or wrong.

  3. Demonic Possession: A demon takes over the personality of a human, so that he is incapable of voluntary thinking or actions: Most heretics, those involved in the occult… Here the person is even unable to recognize that he may be wrong… at times, the individual normal personality is replaced by another, specially while talking about a specific subject: He is fine, except when you touch that special subject… other times, not often, he may manifest bizarre symptoms, such as hysteric behavior, incoherent speech, uncontrollable physical movements, with extraordinary feats o physical strength that may be self-destructive or destructive to others or to material objects…

In all instances, it has to considered that the symptoms or actions may be due to pathological (natural) factors rather than by the supernatural power of evil spirits.

Jesus cast out many demons, described specially in the Gospel of Mark. Those of Acts 16:16 and 19:13-19 relate to non-Christians.



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