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Instructions on how to use Heart Cards:

1. DOWNLOAD the Heart Cards of your choice (it is in MS Word format). To optimize usage of paper, we recommend that you download a total of nine cards, then “cut and paste” into an A4 page size in MS Word, arranging them in 3X3 (i.e. 3 rows and 3 columns). Alternatively you could make duplicates of the same card to create 9 copies per A4 page print.

2. For best quality of print and paper thickness, we recommend to print on A4 photo-glossy paper, and then cut to size using a sharp blade.


"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly" Col 3:16

Heart Cards are cards bearing the Word of God, from His Heart to your heart! Each card contains a powerful thought or saying, with an accompanying Scripture quotation which will enlighten and encourage you.

Heart Cards are for you to keep close to your heart! Each card comes in a convenient size which can be easily slipped into your wallet or purse, and carried with you wherever you go.

Visit this page often as new Heart Cards will be added regulaly !

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Ref. Word of God Preview Download
HC#081 You Were Created To Serve God Preview Download
HC#080 God Is Never In A Hurry But He Is Always On Time Preview Download
HC#079 Believe God Is Working In Your Life Even When You Donít Feel It Preview Download
HC#078 Blessed Are The Balanced Preview Download
HC#077 I Was Shaped For Serving God Preview Download
HC#076 Service Is Not Optional Preview Download
HC#075 Serious Reflection On Godís Truth Is A Key To Answered Prayers And The Secret To Successful Living. Preview Download
HC#074 To Become Like Christ We Must Fill Our Lives With His Word Preview Download
HC#073 The Way You Think Determines The Way You Feel, And The Way You Feel Influences The Way You Act Preview Download
HC#072 Every Choice Has Eternal Consequences, Choose Wisely Preview Download
HC#071 I Was Created To Become Like Christ Preview Download
HC#070 God Is Far More Interested In What You Are Than In What You Do Preview Download
HC#069 Becoming Like Christ Is A Long, Slow Process Of Growth Preview Download
HC#068 Christ likeness Is Not Produced By Imitation, but By Inhabitation Preview Download
HC#067 Godís Ultimate Goal For Your Life On Earth Is Not Comfort, But character Development Preview Download
HC#066 The Greatest Gift You Can Give Someone Is Your Time Preview Download
HC#065 I Was Created To Become Like Christ Preview Download
HC#064 Life Is All About Love Preview Download
HC#063 Life Without Love Is Really Worthless Preview Download
HC#062 God Is Real No Matter How I Feel Preview Download
HC#061 God Wants All Of Me Preview Download
HC#060 Iím As Close To God As I Choose To Be Preview Download
HC#059 The Heart Of Worship Is Surrender Preview Download
HC#058 God Smiles When I Trust Him Preview Download
HC#057 Trusting God Completely Means Having Faith That He Knows What Is Best For Your Life Preview Download
HC#056 Worship Is Not A Part Of Your Life; It Is Your Life Preview Download
HC#055 Living For Godís Glory Is The Greatest Achievement We Can Accomplish With Our Lives Preview Download
HC#054 This World Is Not My Home Preview Download
HC#053 Life Is A Test And A Trust Preview Download
HC#052 There Is More To Life Than Just Here And Now Preview Download
HC#051 If You Want Your Life To Have Impact, Focus It Preview Download

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